Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rodd Keith - White Elephant Stomp / No Trespassing

Anyone familiar with the genre known as "song poems" will no doubt know who Rodd Keith is.  Regarded by some as a genius, he could take anyone's "lyrics" or poems if you will, and turn them into something. I must admit I have a perverse fascination with this stuff. It's so freaking weird. I found this one at a local record show last April, and I have not seen it on any of the song poem comps, or blogs. As usual, these two songs are real goofy. Click on the pictures for the link....


  1. Thanks.
    Go to Bob Purse's The Wonderful & Obscure blog for more song poems than you'd ever want. He collects all the song poem labels and gives background on the singles as well as label scans. He's also accessible via e-mail if you have questions --

  2. Great Ka-Ka.... Thanx...............!