Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hello friends! Unlike "Dan's Garage", which is devoted to the sounds of 60's garage, punk, psyche, etc. This blog here is dedicated to all the "other stuff" in my collection. Some of this I bought on purpose, and some of it was stuff I took a chance on and, well,it was rather interesting to say the least. I've opted to do a direct link to these so you can hear them on line as opposed to a comp you can download. Stop by periodically, you'll never know what you might find.....


  1. Hello, I just saw the link to your now blog on the garage site. Very interesting! I have a similar collection, 100+ styles and most uncategoriable, thus I understand you.

    And thanks for the single mp3s which I can download at home on my dial-up PC. The garage links I have to send to my husband at work, where he has a fast connection. But he has to do that secretly, his Boss would not appreciate that. So I am glad I can get these by myself.

    Keep on digging!